Treatment For ADHD

Pharmacological and Alternative ADHD Treatments are the two types of treatments that are used for ADHD. The best treatment for ADHD is normally with the assistance of stimulant drugs such as Ritalin or Concerta and it can be treated effectively with the aid of non-stimulants like Straterra as well as amphetamines such as Adderall and Dexedrine. The first treatment that we will look at is the pharmacological treatment option.

In the pharmacological treatments, the doctor will recommend a daily dosage for you which can be either be long-term or short term and this will depend on your diagnosis. After you have taken the initial dosage, the doctor may choose to add or curb the dosage depending on your progress so that the drugs have the intended effects.

The results of this medication vary from one patient to the other so it is advisable that you work with your doctor as you take the medicine. However, there are some notable side effects to these drugs and some of which can be troublesome depending on the user and is the reason why you have follow-up visits to your doctor. Among the notable side effects are weight loss, insomnia, appetite changes and nervous tics.

The other form of ADHD treatment option is the Alternative treatment that includes tutoring and special education, family group psychotherapy as well as behavioral therapy. There are also other forms of treatment such as self-help and self-healing which can be used in the treatment of ADHD. There are several benefits of using stimulants as ADHD medications and these benefits can be dramatic. Among the benefits is that the child attention level will increase significantly to an extent that the child will not be distinguished from the rest and the activity level will also decline to normal limits as well as reducing the impulsivity. In addition, the stimulants will offer a child to interact with their parents as well as their colleagues and it also has positive effects academically. Children who use these stimulants as a way to treat ADHD have shown improvement in academics and so the quality and quantity of work they accomplish is increased.

Since stimulants are effective remedies for ADHD, one question that most people would want answered is the length of time that the stimulants take to accomplish their work. In this case, the effects produced by stimulant medications occur rapidly and the teachers as well as parents are able to observe these improvements in the child almost instantly.